ScotKris reviews: Blood Falls – Tom Bale

Review by ScotKris.

In 2010’s Terror’s Reach, Tom Bale created a memorable protagonist in former undercover cop Joe Clayton, and with Blood Falls, we have Clayton making a very welcome second appearance. Moving location geographically, Clayton is still a man on the run from villains he has crossed in the past, and he ends up in the small Cornish community of Trelennan, seeking help from Diana, the wife of a former police colleague.  On the surface, this is a picturesque town typical of the quieter end of the Cornish Riviera, but Clayton soon senses that there are simmering undercurrents, made all the more puzzling by Diana’s out-of-character behaviour, as well as other locals’ reactions to his arrival in town.  There is a reason why Trelennan has a zero crime rate, and it’s nothing to do with the decent, clean-living inhabitants…

With danger encroaching from all directions, Clayton is determined to get to the root of the evil that has pervaded the area.  Blood Falls is fast-paced and action-packed, and a rare example of quality matching quantity in the writing.  This is no throw-away ‘beach read’ but a thumping good thriller that will keep you up late.

Now available from 2 February in Arrow paperbackTrade paperback and Kindle also available.

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