Chasing the Dead – Tim Weaver

CTDTW The cover says it all and it delivers what it says: ‘Death is not the end. But he’ll make you wish it was.’

Chasing the Dead is the first in a series for missing persons’ investigator, David Raker, from début author Tim Weaver, with Penguin.  With Raker, we see one man’s life thrown into turmoil within hours, with a life that simply cannot continue as normal.

Raker’s wife Derryn had encouraged her husband to set himself him up in business as a missing person’s investigator before she died.  One year later, to the day, he is sitting in his office when an old friend walks in.  Mary used to work in A&E with Derryn and now she wants him to take on a case.  Her son Alex had left home some six years ago and eventually turned up dead just over a year ago, in a car crash, where evidence supported the fact he had been drunk at the wheel.  But Mary claims that she saw her son three months ago and now she wants Raker to investigate.

Motivated by his own sense of loss, Raker reluctantly takes on the case and soon, if he ever imagined that he might be able to walk away from it, he finds he simply can’t.  As he uncovers evidence exposing facts that Alex’s life may not have been as innocent as his mother assumed, Raker also finds himself on the run.

This is a page-turning thriller with some rather heavy and dark content, for those who appreciate the style of Simon Kernick’s novels.  Indeed, if compared to the Tesco supermarket model, Weaver is serving up Simone Kernick Extra here.  Not for the faint of heart.

Find out more about the author here.

With thanks to Penguin for the review copy.


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