The Armageddon Trade – Clem Chambers

ATCC Partly to further investigate authors in The Curzon Group and partly to support a recent job application – thus keeping me in the mood and 'with' the culture – I embarked on reading a few financial thrillers.  Published by No Exit Press, the author of The Armageddon Trade, Clem Chambers does work in the City.  Indeed, he is the CEO at ADVFN, 'Europe's number one stocks and shares Web site'. 

Set in the near future, as 9/11/11 approaches, The Armageddon Trade focuses on rising trading star Jim who needs no complicated mathematical modelling to interpret stock charts and maximise profits for his bank.  In the background, the usual suspects - when it comes to terrorists – are planning and coordinating something big.  But Jim's talents do not go unnoticed as he receives a job offer from a well-known and renowned dealer on the scene.  As it transpires, the powerful and mysterious Max Davas may be even more powerful than he first appears.

I so wanted to love this book, but it did not deliver as it said on the label.  The Armageddon Trade went into sci-fi and computer games.  By the end it had taken in a 'boys' own' culture and reminded me of Daniel Craig's first outing as James Bond on the screen.  One for the boys this Christmas, I think.  Especially City boys who love a fast pace…


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