National Year of Reading in the UK – 2008

Believe it or not, it's almost over with only a few weeks to go.  (Where did that year go?)  Did you notice any major steps forward?  Any big thrusts from those who carried the torch to get people (and, more importantly, children, especially boys)  reading?  Any significant changes leading to improvement in your area?

If so, The National Year of Reading wants to hear of your "Reading Heroes".  There will be 25 of them.  Criteria to be met are:

  • The impact and contribution a nominated Reading Hero has made to the reading lives of others and/or themselves.
  • How a Reading Hero’s contribution reflects the overall aims of NYR in promoting reading to particular audiences, and in supporting reading as an essential tool for life.
  • The creativity and resourcefulness of the nominee, and personal challenges they may have had to overcome.

Nominations are sought in the following categories (from their website):

Individuals….   Those who have developed their reading skills in challenging circumstances and have gone on to transform their lives and/or those of their families, friends or community.

Individuals supporting literacy… Those who do not work in literacy or education but have made a real difference to readers’ lives. They can be volunteers, parents, foster carers, students, children or mentors.

Professionals… Those who have worked tirelessly in their roles, above and beyond their duty, to promote literacy and reading. The professionals could be teachers, librarians, writers, artists, social workers, health professionals or media professionals.

You can nominate here, even nominate yourself, but it has to be by Friday 28 November 2008.

Do you know of someone who makes the grade?  If so, nominate!


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